2021 Winners

1 McGill University
2 Queen’s University
3 Université Laval
4 Université d’Ottawa – common law

1 Nathaniel Reilly (McGill University)
2 Elise Malenfant (McGill University)
3 Marie-Denise Vane (McGill University)
4 Nadine Tawdy (University of Ottawa – common law)

1 University of Calgary (see their appellant and respondent factums)
2 McGill University
3 Université Laval
4 University of Alberta

1 Elise Malenfant and Marie-Denise Vane (McGill University)
2 Nathaniel Reilly and Catalina Karam (McGill University)
3 Zachary Wilson and Aidan Paul (University of Alberta)
4 Mohnaam Shergill and Madison Pulfer (Osgoode Hall)

Best video
University of British Columbia