History of the Laskin

In 1986, two law students, Graham Henderson and the late Jeremy Oliver, had the idea of organizing a truly national and bilingual moot court competition in the area of public law. In the competition’s first year, Graham and Jeremy persuaded three law schools (Laval, McGill and Toronto) to participate. The following year, eight schools participated, and by the third year, fifteen schools sent teams.

The competition was originally called the Constitutional-Administrative Law Moot, but in 1989 was renamed the Laskin, in honour of the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Bora Laskin.

Since its inception, the Laskin has benefited significantly from the strong support of the Federal Court of Canada.

Every year, the Laskin has featured a problem that is concerned with issues of national interest and social importance. Subjects addressed in past years include discrimination against women, the rights of First Nations peoples, language rights, globalisation, freedom of expression, and the legal implications of cutting-edge technology.

YearHost school
1986University of Toronto
1987University of Toronto
1988McGill University
1989Université de Moncton
1990University of Ottawa
1991University of British Columbia
1992University of New Brunswick
1993Université Laval
1994Dalhousie University
1995University of Toronto
1996University of Alberta
1997University of Ottawa
1998Université de Montréal
1999Université de Moncton
2000Queen's University
2001University of Saskatchewan
2002Université Laval
2003Osgoode Hall Law School
2004University of British Columbia
2005Université de Sherbrooke
2006Dalhousie University
2007University of Ottawa
2008University of Manitoba
2009Western University
2010McGill University
2011University of Ottawa
2012Université de Moncton
2013University of Alberta
2014University of New Brunswick
2015Université de Montréal
2016University of British Columbia
2017University of Ottawa
2018University of Toronto
2019University of Manitoba
2020Université Laval
2021By videoconference
2022By videoconference
2023Dalhousie University