Important Dates

Note the following important dates for this year’s competition:

Nov 23 2017Mooter registration (rule 3.03)
Nov 30 2017Requests for clarification (rule 4.03)
Jan 26 2018Mooter updated registration (rule 3.04)
Jan 31 2018School registration cheque (rule 3.01)
Feb 5 2018Appellant factum (by e-mail) (rule 6.08(a))
Feb 8 2018Complaints re appellant factums (rule 6.12)
Feb 20 2018Respondent factum (by e-mail) (rule 6.08(a))
Feb 23 2018Complaints re respondent factums (rule 6.12)
Feb 26 2018Printed copies of factums (rule 6.08(b))
Mar 2 2018Request to change mooter order (rule 3.04)
Mar 15 2018Registration and mandatory general meeting at 8:00pm.
Mar 16 2018Competition and reception
Mar 17 2018Competition and banquet