Important Dates

Note the following important dates for this year’s competition:

Nov 23 2018Mooter registration (rule 3.03)
Nov 30 2018Requests for clarification (rule 4.03)
Jan 16 2019Mooter updated registration (rule 3.04)
Jan 21 2019Appellant factum (by e-mail) (rule 6.08(a))
Jan 24 2019Complaints re appellant factums (rule 6.12)
Jan 31 2019School registration cheque (rule 3.01)
Feb 4 2019Respondent factum (by e-mail) (rule 6.08(a))
Feb 7 2019Complaints re respondent factums (rule 6.12)
Feb 11 2019Printed copies of factums (rule 6.08(b))
Feb 15 2019Request to change mooter order (rule 3.04)
Feb 28 2019Registration and mandatory general meeting at 8:00pm.
Mar 1 2019Competition and reception
Mar 2 2019Competition and banquet